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Global Barium Carbonate Markets


Barium carbonate is a white, odourless and heavy salt of barium with the chemical formula BaCO3. It is widely used as flux in ceramics, as an ingredient in specialty glass and fine glassware, in the treatment of salt brines, etc. According to this latest report “Barium Carbonate Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2019-2024”, the global barium carbonate market has grown at a CAGR of nearly 7% during 2011-2018 driven by the continuous use of barium carbonate in the production of specialty glass, bricks and tiles.

The report further provides a comprehensive insight into the industry including its market breakup by region, market breakup by end-use, value chain analysis, import and export trends, key players and market outlook. The report also gives an in-sight into the manufacturing process of barium carbonate, covering key success and risk factors for manufacturers, detailed process flow, the reactions involved, raw materials and their requirements, etc.

The report has segmented the global barium carbonate market on the basis of end-use. Barium carbonate has applications in a wide variety of industries. It is used in the glass manufacturing industry as it increases the refractive index and lustre of the glass. Specialty glass made by using barium carbonate provides radiation shielding in CRT televisions.

It is also used in making bricks, clays, photographic paper coatings, hard ferrite magnets, permanent ceramic magnets for loudspeakers and in the removal of sulphate from salt brines before they are fed into electrolytic cells. The report finds that the glass industry accounts for almost half of the total consumption of barium carbonate. It is followed by brick and clay, barium ferrites and photographic paper coating industries.

The report has segmented the global barium carbonate market on the basis of major regions. China currently dominates the barium carbonate market accounting for the majority of the total global production. On the basis of import data, Japan represents the largest global importer of barium carbonate followed by the Republic of Korea, Spain, Saudi Arabia and France. On the other hand, China represents the largest exporter of barium carbonate accounting for the majority of the total global exports. China was followed by the United States and India.


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