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Handling of the 'three wastes' - barium carbonate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-25

at present, barium carbonate manufacturers barium carbonate production by carbide method commonly, but there will be three wastes in the process of production, waste gas, waste residue and waste water. So how are the barium carbonate factory to handle the industrial 'three wastes'?

barium carbonate manufacturers by the carbonation method mainly carbonization process, the process is in the process of carbide waste is mainly produced by the hydrogen sulphide. Manufacturer of barium carbonate to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, its made of sulfur products. Will be burning, gas burning after cooling to pass into the converter under the action of catalyst, the oxidation of hydrogen sulfide gas and burning sulfur dioxide gas generated by the formation of elemental sulfur and water, through the sulfur can be turned into liquid cooler, then to save.

in view of the production process of waste residue, barium carbonate manufacturers to its transformation into barium slag bricks finished products. Produced in the process of production of barium slag, limestone, gypsum, and water to mix according to certain proportion, its after brick pressing, and then get barium slag bricks finished products processing, the whole process requirements for barium carbonate manufacturer's cost is very low.

for carbonation method to produce waste water, barium carbonate manufacturers generally will be treated as the cycle. Manufacturer of barium carbonate to produce waste water filtering, mix the water of the barium carbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium sulfide, such as to be able to recycle.

barium carbonate manufacturers in the process of the industrial 'three wastes' treatment, although will increase cost, but a qualified barium carbonate manufacturers will certainly on the treatment of industrial 'three wastes'. You want to know more about barium carbonate manufacturer information consulting Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry! You trusted, 32 years industry leadership.

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