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High purity strontium carbonate as 'beacon'

by:Yixin     2020-12-10

lapis lazuli production of strontium carbonate is the main raw material. Lapis lazuli in China have relatively rich resources and reserves, the highest in the world. In recent years, China's exports of strontium carbonate products also showed the trend of rising year by year.

the Chinese academy of geological sciences institute of mineral resources comprehensive utilization of the industrial strontium carbonate as raw material, dissolved by hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, sulfuric acid in addition to Ba, oxidation solution Fe2 + Fe3 +, adjusting the PH of the solution except Fe, Al, ammonia and additive A′ Except Ca, Mg, and then will get strontium salt purification liquid and strontium carbonate synthesis of ammonium hydrogen solution under specified conditions, can obtain the fluorescent material level high purity strontium carbonate products

the results of the study are preliminary economic assessment indicated that the construction of a capacity of 500 tons of high purity strontium carbonate production line, with strontium salt solution chemical purification method, strontium nitrate solution secondary crystallization, strontium chloride solution secondary crystallization products of each production a third profit for the year of 165. 930000 yuan, the company is 203. 410000 yuan, recovery period of investment in equipment to 1. 1 year, have significant economic and social benefits.

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