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High quality borax factory

by:Yixin     2020-12-10

good industrial borax is high content, color white, less impurity, good manufacturers have their own source, supply stability, quality and stability. You can baidu chemical borax factory, baidu recommended by the manufacturer you can enter to look at, look at what the product is introduced in detail, let you learn more knowledge of chemical borax of choose and buy, let you find a good manufacturer online calculation and purchasing a sense of security and service is good chemical borax factory.

the basic materials of borax is preparing boron compounds, almost all boron compound can be made by borax. In metallurgy, steel, machinery, military industry, cutting tools, paper making, electronic, chemical industry and textile, and other departments have important and widely used. In medicine, borax used for disinfection of skin mucous membrane anticorrosive, skeletal fluorosis, athlete's foot, pulpitis, mould sex vaginitis and cervical erosion, bed sores, acne, concha eczema, herpes viral skin diseases, the treatment of epilepsy, also for the treatment of tumors in recent years. In animal medicine, borax to chicken laryngotracheitis, goats contagious impetigo, cattle, pigs, mycoplasma pneumonia treatment for chronic mucus temperament intrauterine membrane inflammation, as feed additives has been the attention of people.

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