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How can I contact Yixin Chemical?
Telephone, email and societal websites like facebook are available. Please feel free to contact Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. when you find some issues. Our customer support staff is happy to assist with any questions or issues you might have. The "Contact Us" webpage offers multiple procedures to reach our company, based upon your language preference and subject matter requirements.

For many years, Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. has been known for providing outstanding quality potassium fluoborate. Our R&D and manufacturing capacities have been widely recognized. Yixin Chemical has created a number of successful series, and nitrate powder is one of them. What Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co., Ltd. is utilizing for material of nitrate powder is double checked for quality. The product contains no toxic substances and it is eco-friendly. The product can withstand high temperature. It will not deform and swell when heated and can keep its original shape. The product is easy to dispose of, which is good for the environment.

Our company aims to attain the position of a market leader in China, conforming to international standards, adhering to ethical and legal practices and developing a socially conscious workforce. Contact!
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