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How to choose a boric acid manufacturer

by:Yixin     2021-02-20

usually, boric acid and boric acid manufacturers to establish relations only agents and production of some of the companies with boric acid. On the question of choice cooperation manufacturer, a lot of problems need to pay attention to, for example partner's reputation, product quality, research and development ability and other factors. The following is to introduce the specific selection method.

first whether the agent or the production of the enterprise, must choose reputable manufacturers, manufacturers and dealers should follow the basic principles of the good faith management, if manufacturers sell products to, and give some preferential policy, for instance to provide extremely high year-end rebate and incentive, advocate the dealer to provide positive play, but once the customer and boric acid manufacturers set up a partnership, manufacturer is not fulfilled, find excuses, refused to the rebate.

for this kind of not to live up to its promise, do not keep credit boric acid manufacturer, is must not be considered. Don't keep credit for some petty profit, so in terms of product quality and timely supply don't what to expect more, in the manufacturers are not trustworthy. In addition to credibility, to make a judgment, the manufacturers of the product quality bad, after all, boric acid will bring adverse effect to products production and processing of the late, makes the final pass to customer is no guarantee of product quality.

in addition to choose good boric acid manufacturers, agents and production enterprises not only should consider some of the best-selling products, also want to consider the quality guaranteed, sell bad products, best-selling products tend to profit are, after all, small, and for those who have bad product market, the profit space is larger, can consider sales ability more.

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