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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of lime powder

by:Yixin     2020-04-15
The two substances on the strength of the two ash crushed stone base plays a decisive role, especially with the hydration reaction of fly ash, how many on the effects of the content is more significant, limits the increase of lime dose nature can improve the strength of two ash crushed stone, but this not only increases the construction cost, and to improve crack resistance of two ash crushed stone base is very bad, so, should try to select high effective content of lime, usually require plaster must achieve the secondary ash more than standard, namely effective calcium and magnesium oxide content in white is not less than 80%, so can meet the needs of the two ash macadam roadbase oxidation, hydration molding, guarantee the basic strength, can improve the effect of the stability of the grass-roots again, do not affect its crack resistance, is very favorable to guarantee the quality of grassroots. Of quicklime digestion is an important part in the construction of the mixing, in concrete construction to effectively control the process, the resolution of quick lime is actually a CaO ( MgO) The hydration of ( H2O) Reflect heat release process, to control water content and water speed properly, make the digestion of hydrated lime is not too dry and 'dust', also cannot too wet and bonded 'soft', the surface seems to be loose, the measured water content less than 35%, in favor of the second grey stone mixture evenly mixing, is often used in actual construction ahead of digestion and a pile of boring, coverage, sieving method to meet the needs of the construction ( Digestion time generally in 7 - ahead of schedule 10 days)
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