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How to quickly improve the boron powder combustion rate

by:Yixin     2020-04-14
Important weapon tactical missile is necessary for modern national defense, its range, mobility and supersonic marching performance depends on the solid fuel energy missile engine and propellant. Boron powder, boron due to its high quality and the volume energy density, long as the choice of missile using solid fuel. However, from the burning of boron boric oxide has the characteristics of low melting point, high boiling point, boron oxide generated will be wrapped in boron surface, prevent air with boron further reaction, thus greatly reduces the burning efficiency of boron. At present, mainly with inorganic and organic matter of boron powder coated in order to improve the combustion efficiency, by adding ammonium perchlorate ( AP) Method to improve the combustion efficiency of boron. AP coated boron particles to improve fuel combustion rate, but as fuel overall lack of oxygen, causing by adding boron AP to improve combustion efficiency method to certain restrictions. Lithium fluoride of boron powder coating method, in addition to membrane effects of lithium fluoride, can remove boron coated in the boron oxide on the surface of the table after burning, however, due to the inorganic lithium fluoride itself does not burn, therefore, the addition of lithium fluoride increased fuel 'dead weight, leading to low boron content in the propellant, reduces the fuel combustion efficiency of the whole.
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