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In the face of market conditions - soda ash manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-21

soda ash, chemical name is sodium carbonate, is a basic industrial raw material, now in the market of soda ash light and heavy, respectively, soda ash and heavy soda ash light physical condition is different, its usage also have some gap.

at present, some soda ash manufacturer to produce low salt, soda ash, the advantage of low salt soda ash is more obvious, its effect is better. Apart from some trona can produce low salt soda ash, according to the current production process, only ammonia soda can be achieved. Soda ash factory add vacuum filter machine wash water dosage, can produce the low salt, soda ash, some of Europe's soda ash manufacturers have adopted this method.

as the natural alkali into the market, some of Europe's soda ash manufacturer to mass produce a low salt soda ash. In the downstream of soda ash industry of low salt soda ash demand conditions, or as a result of soda ash from a seller's market gradually to a buyer's market, buyers have more choices in the quality of soda ash and under the condition of our country's soda ash manufacturer had to adapt to the current market situation, soda ash production to the market's needs, namely low salt, soda ash, and low salt heavy soda ash.

in the face of market form, our country's soda ash manufacturer must have a sense of urgency, increase the grain size of low salt soda ash development, mastering the low salt soda ash production technology as soon as possible.

soda ash manufacturer must want to know, in China of the low salt soda ash technology, there are considerable technical difficulties, stick to it, and constantly to overcome difficulties, must be able to produce low salt soda ash.

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