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In the industrial production of strontium carbonate method Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-25

strontium carbonate in glass, paper, pharmaceutical, enamels, metallurgical and other industries are used above, today we will learn about the industrial strontium carbonate production method.

a carbon reduction method: as you all know, the main ingredient of lapis lazuli is strontium carbonate. So-called carbon reduction method is first broken lapis lazuli and coal mixed according to certain proportion, after reduction roasting under the high temperature, produce strontium sulphide, and then to get solution soak, carbide bubbled into carbon dioxide, and after filtration, drying and so on can strontium carbonate was finished. The process of low cost, simple steps, many manufacturers are using this method.

two double decomposition method: double decomposition method and soda ash method, the azure stone mill after adding ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia, coarse strontium carbonate, was then dissolved slag, produce strontium carbonate production, this method is of high cost and long process, but the conversion rate is higher.

mitsubishi strontium ore thermal decomposition method: ling strontium ore mainly of strontium carbonate, thermal decomposition method is similar to carbon reduction method, the ling strontium ore coarse crushing, and calcined coal according to certain proportion integration, system of strontium oxide, with better solution, then adding water bubbled into carbon dioxide to produce strontium carbonate. This method pollution-free, less needed raw materials, but the conversion rate is low.

above is appropriate xin chemical introductions of strontium carbonate production methods, more strontium carbonate consultation, can contact appropriate xin chemical industry, we sincerely welcome you the presence.

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