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In the production of potassium carbonate was provided - ion exchange method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-07

potash application is very extensive, potash, manufacturers in China are generally by ion exchange method in the production of potassium carbonate, the ion exchange process continues to improve, and make improvement and innovation.

potash manufacturers according to the principle of chemical balance, use of potassium ion selective than ammonium ion exchange resin, and recycled ammonium ions. In practical production, because of the exchange liquid contains a large number of unreacted ammonium ion, causing the ammonium bicarbonate in raw material waste. Potassium carbonate manufacturers improve the exchange of potassium ions in the liquid, promote the use of ammonium ions, reducing emissions of ammonium ion.

in general, the production of exchange in the solution, the concentration of potassium bicarbonate is about 10%, which contains a certain amount of ammonium bicarbonate. Due to the solubility of ammonium carbonate in the water than the solubility of ammonium bicarbonate, so potash manufacturer can be in the process of evaporation process, recycling of the ammonium carbonate solution, and its mixture of ammonium bicarbonate ammonium carbonate mixture as regenerant, so you can improve the utilization rate of ammonium ion.

and, in the evaporation process, a lot of potassium carbonate manufacturers adopt single effect evaporation, the steam consumption is high, if adopt the method of triple effect evaporation, due to high temperature and high concentration, can cause potassium bicarbonate solution exists in the small amount of chloride ion, makes the product of iron content increasing, the quality of products.

potash manufacturer also strengthen the effect of carbonization, with high quality carbon dioxide gas reinforcement effect, carbide can effectively improve the quality of potassium carbonate production, decrease of mother liquor circulation, reduce the steam consumption, improve production efficiency.

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