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In the use of boric acid in electroplating industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-11

boric acid, formula of H3BO3, the appearance of white liquid crystal or powder, soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin, ethers, and essential oil, in industry, agriculture has a very important role. In agriculture, boric acid can be used as trace element fertilizer; In the industry, boric acid is mainly used in industry, such as glass, enamel as small make up mainly introduce the various USES of the boric acid in electroplating industry.

in electroplating, boric acid is used as a buffer, mainly adjust the PH value of solution, therefore, the purity of boric acid in electroplating need only reach 99%.

boric acid used as buffer, and are widely used in nickel plating, nickel plating alloy, galvanized, chrome plating, electroless nickel plating and chemical conversion coating technology, for example, in the process of galvanizing, plating solution of boric acid in cushion, are keeping their PH 5 - Between 6 and boric acid also has detailed coating, the action of brightness clearly mentioned.

it is important to note that boric acid as a buffer overflow, too much may cause crystallization could affect the coating quality. Someone once spent a few years time to study a substitute boric acid, but finally ended in failure, the effect of boric acid. For example, in the process of chemical conversion coating, boric acid in addition to the stable PH value, also can control the speed of chemical reaction, improve the quality of the film, irreplaceable role in the same.

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