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Industrialization implementation for potash manufacturer - economic benefits and social benefits Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-22

in the past two years, potash response state of energy conservation and emissions reduction, building an innovative strategy of sustainable development of society of potash internal sorting, implement industrial production mode.

some potash manufacturer is considering coking industry demand for gas desulfurization technology, research and development and successfully implemented a vacuum potash desulfurization process, solves the domestic coking industry widespread high desulfurization efficiency, low energy consumption, serious pollution is very serious problem, rational utilization of energy, energy conservation and emissions reduction, promote the development of circular economy, has the very good economic and social benefits.

potash producer to remove the hydrogen sulfide gas, reduce the burning sulfur emissions, in the process of the whole process without emissions of waste gas, waste liquid and waste residue, response national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, it is of high popularization value.

potash producer development of desulfurization process of adjustment of product structure play an important role, it will change the technique relies on the introduction of domestic situation, this kind of the implementation of the industrialization will bring a large amount of foreign exchange for the country.

this industrialization at the same time also make the implementation of the coking process of the heat generated by the reasonable and sufficient use, greatly reduce the production operation cost, improve the economic benefit.

potash manufacturers will further to industrialized production improvement, in order to improve the efficiency and energy conservation and emissions reduction for the purpose, gradually improve the whole process of industrialization.

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