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Introduction to application - boric acid in the chemical industry Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-18

boric acid particularly broad application fields, such as the medical industry, nuclear industry, chemical industry, etc. Today appropriate xin chemical small make up to you to introduce its application in the chemical industry: 1, used in the production of various kinds of boric acid salts, such as sodium borohydride, boric acid ammonium hydrogen and boron cadmium tungstate, potassium borohydride, etc. 2, in the process of intermediate in the production of nylon, boric acid catalyst on the oxidation of hydrocarbons, and generate the ester yield of ethanol, which prevents the further oxidation of hydroxyl and generate ketone or hydroxy acid. 3, fertilizer industry for the production of wicks, boron fertilizer. 4, is used as the analytical chemistry reagent, used to make buffer, haploid breeding a variety of media. Above is the boric acid in chemical industry, the application of a simple introduction, for everybody to exchange information only, if you have any question, welcome to inquire, or to the company visit, appropriate xin chemical industry sincerely welcome your arrival!

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