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Introduction to the pharmacological actions of boric acid as a lotion - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-03

small make up for you today to introduce the pharmacological actions of boric acid as a lotion, take a look at together! 1. Features: this product is a weak preservatives, combine with the bacterial protein amino, weak against bacteria and fungi inhibition, without excitant. 2. Mechanism: complete not easily penetrate the skin, can from the damaged skin and mucous membrane absorption, absorption within 12 hours from the eduction in urine by about 50%, the rest in 3 ~ 7 days. Discharge is slow in the body, can cause accumulation of poisoning. 3. Indications: can be used in detergents, skin, mucous membrane damage and acute dermatitis, eczema, out of the wet apply liquid, also can be used in the mouth and throat gargle fluid, external auditory canal, chronic ulcer surface, bedsore lotion, and fungi, pustular sore infection disinfection liquid.

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