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Investment risk - alumina factory Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-23

has rich bauxite resources in China, the fourth largest in the world, our country many alumina factory, in recent years, the alumina industry is in rapid development.

the rapid development of the alumina industry in China is different from the previous low level repeated construction, scale and a high level of development, but the alumina manufacturer to optimize the structure, greatly improved the level of alumina industry in China the overall and competitiveness. But for alumina factory, if continued investment, it is bound to cause excess production, the risk is very high.

first of all, the alumina production process is relatively complicated, alumina factory, from the project to the beginning of the formation of capacity, takes about 2 ~ 3 years, the investment is high, the higher the risk.

second, alumina market price ups and downs, adding to the market demand is not stable and form, which affects the alumina factory investment returns.

then for alumina factory itself, alumina production in the whole production line needs a large number of technical personnel and proficient in the alumina process time experienced employees, this, also has the very big risk.

in the end, the dependence of the alumina factory for resources gradually strengthened, as the resources of the competition at home and abroad, is suitable for high quality resources for the production of alumina is gradually reduced, alumina manufacturers invest more considering the alumina of fixed number of year.

alumina factory he needed to avoid investment risks and prevention, occupy the initiative position in the new round of challenges.

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