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Invite you enjoy the beauty of the 'glass' - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-30

as countries concerned about the height of the glass industry, the market for the variety of growing concern. Glass handicraft, also known as glass handicrafts, is glass raw materials (by manual Borax, boric acid, sodium nitrate, aluminum hydroxide, cerium oxide and so on glass chemical raw materials) Or glass semi-finished products processed products of art value. It fully embodies the human creativity and artistry, it comes from life, but higher than life. Glass handicraft generally divided into molten glass handicraft, lamp glass crafts, glass crafts three categories, often used as decorative materials or high-end business gifts. The personage inside course of study in fine said: diversified art glass products, innovative technology, can let the consumer feel different & other; The beauty of glass & throughout; 。

in today's industry benefit declining, put more effort into high-end glass on higher value-added, is undoubtedly a more correct choice. Worth's delight, in generally give a person with & other; Silly big thick & throughout; Impression of the building materials industry, glass with the attitude of different from other traditional building materials, has gathered pace toward high-end, sure-footed. In this article to explore the road, we can not help but ask, development of high-end glass, our hand come from?

with the development of the society, in the process of glass & other; Cover plate & throughout; From as early as 2 d to 3 d upgrade, expected future surface display will be extensively used in smartphones, OLED is flagship phone using 3 d cover a large catalysis. Curved glass is the unit price is about 3 times of traditional flat glass unit price, smartphone growth slumped, positive 3 d glass permeability increase will lead to significant growth of industry. The personage inside course of study in fine said: this requires we defined the direction of government macro adjustment, make full use of good platform industry association. Increasing between enterprises, enterprises and universities, scientific research institutes work closely, accelerate the industrialization of high and new technology and product. More basic science, application of scientific research achievements of cross on the glass. Ensure industrialization process design, process technology, equipment, equipment, and glass raw materials, Borax, boric acid, aluminum hydroxide, etc. , to choose the product quality is stable, high quality, good reputation enterprise supply, like borax, boric acid, using imported quality goods from abroad, it is appropriate when it comes to Shanghai xin chemical industry professional management glass chemical raw materials for 30 years, trustworthy) Of optimization and system, the management level of sophistication. Strengthening the cooperation of the global technology, earnestly learn from advanced countries advanced technology, innovation has its own features, a market with enormous potential products. Is each glass practitioners should think and practice. In the future, will uphold & other Product artistic & throughout; The originality of spirit, the pursuit of the beauty of glass acme, do most of the soul of art glass.

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