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Lithium carbonate market price changes, you nervous?

by:Yixin     2021-01-11

south wealth network reported, lithium carbonate due to in short supply, prices soared, again a few days ago, battery grade lithium carbonate prices should rise to 15. 50000 - 16. 50000 yuan/ton, industrial lithium carbonate in 13. 5 - 15. 80000 yuan/ton, the expert analysis, the price of lithium carbonate also can appear the phenomenon of high, are you nervous?

we here, the first to know about the lithium carbonate.

lithium carbonate, appearance of colorless crystals or white powder, lithium is widely existed in domestic allocated about, xinjiang, sichuan, Tibet, etc. In the western region, at present the market also has a lot of imports of lithium carbonate, general imports from the United States, Chile. On purpose, lithium carbonate are widely used in the production of lithium batteries, in the semiconductor, optical glass, energy-saving lamp tube, ceramic, medicine and television industries above also have a role, even can be used as a catalyst in chemical above, also used for analysis reagent, usage is quite extensive. For industrial grade lithium carbonate, its purity can reach 99%, battery grade lithium carbonate its higher purity, can reach 99. 5%.

lithium carbonate in short supply in the market, in a short period of time will not be cut, there will be no alternative. It is challenging for the market, is also an opportunity, as long as you seize the opportunity, so profit affirmation is you!

lithium carbonate market situation will be more and more serious, if you want to start as soon as possible, appropriate consulting Shanghai xin chemical industry customer service, not only have domestic lithium carbonate, and imports of oh!

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