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Manufacturer of alumina industry in - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-14

alumina from bauxite is processed after a kind of industrial raw materials, most of the products is used in the production of the electrolytic aluminum. Manufacturer of alumina on the market at present is using alkali production methods, include bayer process, sintering process and the combined method.

90% of the world's manufacturer of alumina production are produced by bayer process of alumina, bayer process is suitable for processing high grade bauxite; Sintering process is mainly to deal with the high silicon low grade hard diaspore ore monohydrate, also can be sintered red mud; Joint method can obtain better economic effect, to produce alumina quality is better, but joint method need to add sintering process on the basis of the bayer process equipment, initial investment is larger, therefore was not widely adopted.

alumina manufacturers to participate in market research concluded that aluminum oxide industry widely adopt one of the industrial chain, bauxite & ndash; Alumina & ndash; Electrolytic aluminium & ndash; All kinds of aluminum products, these aluminum products mainly used in the construction industry, transportation industry, power industry, hardware industry, packaging industry, etc. Its USES in modern today, is very common.

China's relevant laws and regulations and industrial policies are also further promote the development of alumina market, at present, our country alumina factory has more than a few decades, with the greatest aluminum with chinalco and mountain.

alumina factory according to the characteristics of the bauxite to choose to use which kind of production process, to minimize energy consumption, the comprehensive utilization of resources effect will be better.

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