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- manufacturer of alumina of flaky alumina production Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-24

with the widely application of the alumina in the market, the factory in order to improve the production of alumina, started to produce a sheet of aluminum oxide, next, we will have an idea of the flake aluminium oxide.

alumina factory production of flake aluminum oxide is a kind of thermal stability of alumina, it is made of fine grinding calcined alumina sintering at high temperature the agglomeration forming of high strength, high density of alumina. Manufacturer of alumina production this kind of flaky alumina high thermal conductivity, than the major, mechanical vibration resistance of thermal vibration and high specific heat, good corrosion resistance.

this flaky alumina application is quite widespread, it for alumina factory, is a kind of comfort.

flaky alumina is mainly used in all kinds of refractory materials, slide gate nozzle, casing, lining of cushion and cast, in addition, can also be used as a catalyst carrier and heat exchange medium, electronic ignition, technical ceramics, etc.

alumina factory, the study found the market puts forward higher requirement to the development of refractory materials, and the price of this flaky alumina is moderate, superior performance, has been in Europe and the United States and other places has been widely used in some regions.

alumina factory production of the flaky alumina development foreground is very good, production of new varieties of alumina is also have the effect, looking forward to this kind of alumina can be applied in the Chinese market as early as possible.

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