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Manufacturer of alumina on high purity alumina market forecast - around the world Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-30

the use of the alumina is extensive, alumina is the basic raw material, made of aluminum is also used in the manufacture of all kinds of firebrick, refractory crucible, refractory tube, high temperature resistant test instruments, etc, also can be used as a polishing agent, flame retardant and filling material, etc.

there is a kind of high purity alumina in aluminum oxide, also known as the metallurgical grade alumina, is a kind of high purity alumina, can be used to produce synthetic corundum, synthetic ruby, etc. , at the same time can also be used in the field of high-tech special terminal.

alumina factory, the survey found in 2015, the world of high purity alumina market capitalisation of more than $17.

with the change of the market, the asia-pacific region and China will become the high purity alumina market growth bigger engines. Alumina factory, in 2022, high purity alumina market will grow to $5. 8 billion, a compound annual growth rate of 18. 5%.

alumina factory, found that owners of high purity alumina market significant potential in the asia-pacific region, in 2015, occupying 65% of the world's larger market share, a large number of high purity alumina factory, in 2022, the compound annual growth rate in the asia-pacific region will reach 20. 75%. There are cheap labor and growing in the field of application, followed by North America and Europe.

alumina manufacturers more and more, the high purity alumina production is gradually increasing, high purity alumina will be a mainstay of the alumina market in the future.

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