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Manufacturer of alumina recovery of alumina in the process of red mud - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-29

use of alumina in enamel industry is very big, is the porcelain glaze production of raw materials, have many kinds of alumina, alumina factory also has been widen the variety of alumina, for the downstream enterprises, the understanding of alumina factory also contribute to the development of its own.

in the production of alumina factory will produce large amounts of red mud, the red mud with strong alkali and high levels, the red mud piled up ceaselessly, not only takes up land, but also pollute the environment, which brings the problems such as land basification, groundwater pollution, therefore, for alumina factory, how to deal with the alumina production process of a large number of red mud, is a production of alumina industry must solve the problem.

domestic main alumina factory production of alumina with bayer process, sintering process and the method of a combination of three, each production process red mud are not the same.

for a long time, many of the alumina factory in constant study and practice, the sintering process of red mud can get different degrees of recovery, but for red mud of bayer process technology to produce, because of the technical and economic reasons, have not been able to achieve good results.

alumina factory in the further research and practice, also believe that produced by bayer process red mud will quickly under control, can improve the economic benefits of enterprises directly, go the way of sustainable development.

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