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Manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide factors affecting the product whiteness studies - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-20

aluminum hydroxide is a kind of white powder, liquid particles, usually two kinds of production methods with bayer process and alkali lime sintering. Manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide production aluminum hydroxide can be divided into two kinds of special aluminium hydroxide and ordinary aluminum hydroxide.

about special aluminum hydroxide, the whiteness of the high and low, not only affect the performance of the product whiteness, more influence to its processing properties and operational performance.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer research to understand, there are many factors that can affect special aluminum hydroxide whiteness, in essence, particle size, shape, size, distribution and structure would affect the whiteness of aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide what impurities inside the white particles is also important factor affecting the white degree.

to control the white particles impurity in the special aluminum hydroxide, which is the basis of affecting the white degree, is also the biggest factor. Aluminum hydroxide manufacturer, said the defect of high whiteness aluminum hydroxide into nonmagnetic defect and magnetic defect, the defect can cause defects on the surface of the downstream products, affect the quality and appearance of the product. Magnetic defect will cause the loss of insulation level, may lead to accidents.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide aluminum hydroxide were analyzed magnetic defect source, to strengthen the management of enterprises, promote the production smooth and continuous operation, reduce scar loss, improve the production environment cleanliness, to a certain extent, can control the generation of defects.

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