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- manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant at home and abroad is analyzed, and the research Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-22

is an important use of aluminum hydroxide used as flame retardants, and the domestic aluminum hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide or abroad has a lot of the gap, aluminium hydroxide from manufacturers at home and abroad, comparing the products improve the factory production process, can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the products.

aluminum hydroxide factory to product the harmful impurities were analyzed, and the domestic manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide production products contain harmful impurities, and Japan, the United States and other countries of the aluminum hydroxide relatively little impurity. Of silicon, iron and aluminum hydroxide product sodium harmful impurities such as the existence of yan always reduces the electrical insulation products, the use of product performance has a great deal of adverse effects.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer in China in recent years on the preparation of ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide product has reached the international advanced level, product narrow particle size distribution, particle surface is smooth, but the product and the compatible performance of organic polymer needs to be improved.

domestic aluminum hydroxide manufacturers generally use carbon points method or the mechanical method to produce aluminum hydroxide. Carbon decomposition rate during the process of producing method, aluminium hydroxide crystal, tiny crystals is larger, the gap between the impact on the performance of products, mechanical preparation of aluminum hydroxide were not neat, there are a lot of edges and corners, in the downstream of the flame retardant industry has large processing equipment wear and tear easily.

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