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- manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant development direction Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-24

aluminum hydroxide is an important inorganic base, the appearance of white powder, is both sexes hydroxide, so aluminum hydroxide will also be different from other inorganic base, its use more widely.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer, points out that an important use of aluminum hydroxide is used in flame retardants, and the prospects of its future development will be more optimistic, application field and scope unceasingly expands.

with the development of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, the market also puts forward new requirements on some properties of aluminum hydroxide. First must improve the chemical purity of aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer reduce content of harmful impurity such as iron oxide and sodium oxide. Aluminum hydroxide manufacturer is specified, the presence of these impurities, greatly reduce the insulation products, but also affects the initial thermal decomposition temperature of the aluminum hydroxide sodium oxide, sodium oxide content is lower, the thermal stability of the product is better, the product also has better processing performance.

then, aluminum hydroxide manufacturers to develop the product particle size distribution and particle control technology, the development of different particle size distribution of series products, to meet the needs of different industries. Aluminum hydroxide particles affect the product performance and application of filling performance, application field of different particle size requirements for product is different also.

our manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide to fully play the advantages of low sintering, organic matter content, increase the development of flame retardant industry, and solve the problems existing in the production process, improve the quality of the products, to meet the needs of the market both at home and abroad.

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