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Manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide for rinsing process - is discussed in this paper Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-19

aluminum hydroxide is widely used in flame retardant and glass products, at present, China's aluminum hydroxide production manufacturer bayer process commonly used or soda-lime sintering process, and some manufacturers use acid method production process for the production.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers use acid method production process, is to react bauxite and sulfuric acid to produce the aluminum sulfate, aluminum sulfate solution and soda ash for neutralization reaction, after get the amorphous aluminum hydroxide gel neutralization reaction liquid, with a plate and frame plate and frame press remove mother liquor, carbonate, sulfate and other impurities. The neutralization reaction and plate and frame press washing process is in the process of aluminum hydroxide production rinsing process.

the manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide with plate and frame filter cleaning process exists many problems, when washing water consumption is very big, and washing time is longer, in the process of washing efficiency is low, the energy consumption is larger, rinse effect is poorer, many could not reach the requirements of the finished product, seriously affecting the quality of the product.

aluminum hydroxide to filter washing products manufacturers, the main is to adsorption on the surface of the aluminum hydroxide gel, carbonate and sulfate removal, but because of the material after plate and frame press filter cake density, cause when catharsis, it is not easy to wash water through the filter cake, washing is incomplete, the result is bad.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer after experiment, water use before rinsing method, which makes rinsing effect better, rinse even, stable product quality, production cost is also reduced.

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