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Manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide for superfine powder of aluminum hydroxide preparation - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-28

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers in the production of superfine powder of aluminum hydroxide production methods could be divided into two types: mechanical method and chemical method. At the same time, the chemical method is divided into carbon points microemulsion method, sodium aluminate solution method and seed decomposition method, etc.

the so-called mechanical FenSuiFa, is the manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide in the crushing force, makes the solid material or particle deformation and fracture, to produce more fine particles, large output, simple production process.

microemulsion method is usually composed of surface active agent, surfactant, this method due to the limited scope of use, causing productivity per unit volume is very low, there is still a difficult separation, so has yet to realize industrialized production.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide adopts carbon points method is mainly carbon dioxide gas into the sodium aluminate solution, precipitate out aluminum hydroxide crystal by double decomposition reaction. Manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide adopts carbon points method has simple process, low cost of raw materials, high production efficiency, but carbon points of aluminum hydroxide product particles obtained from method of rough surface, poor crystallinity, particle reunion is serious, the agglomeration of body internal between particles and crystals exist in the pores.

seed decomposition of sodium aluminate solution method has wide raw material sources, low production cost, product quality is good wait for an advantage, into aluminum hydroxide factory main technology of producing ultrafine powder of aluminum hydroxide.

aluminum hydroxide factory production of superfine powder, increase of the use of aluminum hydroxide, the market prospect of aluminum hydroxide has very important significance, in the national economy in various fields has a very important role.

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