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- manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant principle research Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-01

aluminum hydroxide is an ideal flame retardant plastic and some other organic polymer filling material, stable chemical properties and physical properties of aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer may, according to industry demand for aluminium hydroxide granularity and processing production.

all the action principle of flame retardant on the market is by inhibiting the combustion phase of several processes for flame retardant. When items come into contact with heat source, the process can be broken down into heating - Break - A fire - Burn - To spread.

for aluminum hydroxide, the flame retardant mechanism mainly in heating and decomposition of these two processes. Aluminum hydroxide manufacturer understands, when the object of the heating temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, aluminum hydroxide to start endothermic decomposition, released three water of crystallization, the reaction is strong endothermic reaction, a gram per decomposition of aluminium hydroxide is absorbing heat 878 - j, if temperature is high, aluminum hydroxide decomposition rate is increased, it is for this reason, the aluminum hydroxide is a good flame retardant.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers also learned that aluminum hydroxide in the thermal decomposition, there will be a lot of water vapor released, won't produce toxic. Flammable or corrosive gas, at the same time, dilute polymer decomposition time produce various kinds of flammable gas.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer to research the mechanism of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, enhance the flame retardancy of aluminum hydroxide, upstream and downstream enterprises to the market of the production is a big help.

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