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- manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide modified research Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-10

aluminum hydroxide as with acid and alkali, sexes and alumina on the industrial application is also very wide, aluminum hydroxide modified was studied for the product manufacturer, producing high quality products, catering to the movements of the market of aluminium hydroxide.

first of all, the manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide for the surface modification, the surface of the so-called improved processing technology is through a variety of surface modifier and the particle surface to surface treatment and chemical reactions and change the surface of the particles, achieve the purpose of improve its activity, so as to change or improve the compatibility of polymer materials and the dispersion of powder and so on. Aluminum hydroxide currently manufacturers to improve the interface between the aluminum hydroxide and non-polar materials cohesive force and affinity of main method is to join the right amount of surfactant in surface coating processing.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer is considering the size of the aluminium hydroxide size directly affects the aluminum hydroxide flame retardant and filling, thus control the size of aluminum hydroxide particles become the important means to manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant enhanced products.

with the vigorous development of all kinds of plastic industry, a single flame retardant has can't meet the demand of some material of high temperature flame retardant, so for aluminum hydroxide manufacturer, the more amount of composite technology gradually become the mainstream.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers improve product purity is also on the modification of the direct method, the higher the purity of aluminum hydroxide, its performance will have, the better.

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