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- manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide on filtering method improvement Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-27

aluminum hydroxide is an important inorganic chemical products, have a great effect on the raw material market, China's aluminum hydroxide manufacturers in the production of different specifications of aluminum hydroxide at the same time, also to improve the filtering methods.

vacuum filter capacity of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer, mainly depends on the filter filter area and filtering speed, the vacuum degree, filtration area and filtering material under certain conditions, through the filtrate is also a certain amount of slurry solid content is lower, the filtrate volume, the lower the filter capacity is lower, and China's aluminium hydroxide manufacturer of slurry solid content is too low, also led directly to the production capacity is low. Therefore, China aluminum hydroxide factory need to improve the solid content of the slurry.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers in China also has strong filtrate volume, high alkalinity, balance the difficult problems, such as, at the time of filter, filtering the mother liquid into the filtrate tank, causing strong mother liquor and the mixture of filtrate, thus resulting in a decrease of mother liquor evaporation quantity, at the same time, also causes the filtrate volume, aluminum hydroxide manufacturers therefore wants to improve the filter, adjust the movement of flat plate, strong reducing filtrate to the weak area of the filtrate of dynamic, redistribution lye.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers to improve the filtering methods, optimization of equipment, to improve the production system, makes the enterprise can reduce the time of the operation of the filter, more evident economic benefit.

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