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- manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide production aluminum hydroxide micro powder research Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-28

aluminum hydroxide is both sexes hydroxide, and its application is very wide, lots of places to used in industrial production, domestic aluminum hydroxide powder is mainly used as a filler, used in cable material, insulator and copper clad etc industries.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide production powder in the application of cable material industry is very important, in the process of production of cable to join this kind of micro powder, can fully increase the flame retardant performance of cables. In composite insulator industry at the same time, the increase of power consumption in a year, making the relevant glass insulator, organic composite insulator is widely used in the construction of transmission lines, changed the past of porcelain insulator monopoly power market structure.

due to the rapid development of electronic communication at home and abroad, makes the demand of domestic copper clad also has maintained strong growth, so that the center of gravity shifted to copper clad aluminum hydroxide manufacturer, stimulated the development of the aluminum hydroxide industry prosperity.

aluminum hydroxide powder manufacturer production, increase in the number of directly stimulates the development of the industry as a whole aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide factory production of aluminum hydroxide powder because of its very fine particles, with flame retardant, smoke suppression, fill the three big functions, is widely applied in polymer and plastic.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide production aluminum hydroxide micro powder technology need further perfect, because the structure and special properties of aluminum hydroxide itself, the preparation of aluminium hydroxide superfine powder is difficult, so aluminum hydroxide factory to the production process of micro powder experiment ceaselessly and perfect.

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