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Manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide with bayer process technology is introduced Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-23

aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production mainly USES the bayer process production process, then, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the bayer process production process.

bayer process production technology is Austria bayer invented in 1888, was later aluminum hydroxide manufacturer is put into use, used in the production of aluminum hydroxide, the effect is remarkable.

this principle is to use caustic soda solution of bayer process heating dissolution of alumina in the bauxite, sodium aluminate solution. Solution and residue after separation, cooling after a long time mixing, precipitation aluminum hydroxide, mother liquid can be recycled.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers to improve the bayer process, the modern major progress in bayer process is the equipment of large scale and continuous operation, all the production process automation, saving most of the energy, save a lot of cost for aluminum hydroxide manufacturer.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide using the bayer process is a little lies in the production process is simple, low investment and energy consumption, but at the same time, the economic benefits of the bayer process mainly depends on factor is the quality of the bauxite, mainly is the content of silica in bauxite, usually say is al-si ratio.

so for bauxite mining and development has become the development direction of aluminium hydroxide manufacturers and research subject, domestic is given priority to with low grade ore resources in our country, how to properly make good use of the low grade bauxite resources has become the technological factors restricting the development of China's aluminium hydroxide manufacturer.

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