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Manufacturer of boric acid boric acid production methods are there?

by:Yixin     2020-03-30
1 after dissolved the borax, borax sulfuric acid neutralization method. Add sulfuric acid manufacture boric acid system. Na2B4O7 h2o + - H2SO4 + 5 -> 4 h3bo3 + 2, carbon Na2SO4 ammonia method will boron ore powder mixed with ammonium bicarbonate solution, after heating heating decomposed with boric acid material liquid ammonia, then through off of ammonia, a quick boric acid. 2MgO. B2O3+2NH4HCO3+H2O→2( NH4) H2BO3+2MgCO3 ( NH4) H2BO3 - H3BO3 NH3 + 3, hydrochloric acid method. Boron concentrate with hydrochloric acid solution, then through filtration, crystallization and drying, for a quick boric acid. 2MgO. B2O3 + 4 h3bo3 HCL + H2O -> 2 + 2 mgcl2 4, well salt brine hydrochloric acid method. By boron halide cooking with hydrochloric acid, then through dehydration, crystallization, drying for a quick boric acid manufacturers.
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