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Manufacturer of boric acid by-product is how to separate - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-21

in production of boric acid in our country, most of the manufacturer of boric acid by sulfuric acid method production process, including boron conversion rate can reach 90%, the production is completed, will produce byproduct sodium sulfate, once let boric acid manufacturer is very headache.

there are some boric acid manufacturers will eventually by-product sodium sulfate emissions directly, without recycling of boric acid, make the utilization rate of boron reduced at the same time, also caused great pollution to the environment, can not effectively use the by-product.

boric acid manufacturers abroad using extraction method for separation of boric acid and by-products, but extraction agent cost is high, the capacity is small, can't realize industrialization operation.

boric acid manufacturers according to the characteristics of the production in our country, using the gravity settling method for separation of boric acid and sodium sulfate, listed on the theory of workable. Boric acid manufacturer chooses a kind of medium, the medium for both insoluble, ensure no loss in the separation process, must also be economic, convenient, accessible, such ability for industrial operation.

boric acid manufacturer after experiment, produce a kind of double cone separator, at the time of medium rise, took them out, settling velocity is overflow out of the small. Using mixture of boric acid and sodium sulfate in the experiment are manufacturer of boric acid through after the crystallization in the process of production. This method is applied to practical production, will bring boric acid manufacturer fairly good economic benefit.

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