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Manufacturer of boric acid transformation development objective need of our country

by:Yixin     2021-01-05

boric acid in industry which has great utility, after years of efforts to develop the boric acid manufacturer in China, the industry's overall quality has improved obviously, the overall strength has entered a new stage.

it is important to note that in terms of boric acid manufacturers in China at present, the development way is still extensive, mainly in the boric acid is also our country manufacturer own innovation ability is not strong, the key of core technology and equipment mainly depend on import.

in addition, higher energy consumption of boric acid manufacturers in our country, which is mainly influenced the development of transformation, some manufacturers and the serious problem of excess production economies of scale industry industry concentration degree is low, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to develop more remains to be enhanced.

boric acid manufacturers in China to the transformation of development, we must solve the industrial agglomeration and clustering development level is not high, industrial spatial layout and resource distribution not harmonious.

these problems and contradictions have severely restricted the sustained and healthy development of the boric acid manufacturer in our country, must rush to research and solve them.

boric acid manufacturer in China in addition to improve production technology, also need to make good use of energy and resources rationally, raise its efficiency, promote industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading, and effectively promote the implementation of the policy of saving energy and reducing consumption, to establish and perfect the corresponding rules and regulations, implement, encouraging the establishment of the corresponding social capital in accordance with the principle of market-oriented industry, promote the green development market.

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