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Manufacturer of fluorine sodium silicate sodium fluosilicate yield important link - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-19

sodium fluosilicate versatility, is one of the largest fluorosilicate dosage of construction on the building materials industry varieties, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer in order to improve the yield of sodium fluosilicate, are also constantly improving production technology.

by experimental research, found that fluorine sodium silicate production rate of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer is not only depends on the discretion of the fluoride phosphate rock, also depend on the absorption system of fluoride absorption rate, rate of fluorine escape, and the utilization ratio of fluorine, the latter is particularly important.

as a result, improve the fluorine escape rate in the process of production become an important part of the fluorine sodium silicate production rate. Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer by increasing calcium's sulfuric acid consumption per ton and the room into a good vacuum degree to increase the rate of fluorine to escape.

fluorine sodium silicate factory, found that when sulfuric acid consumption is larger, decomposition of ground phosphate rock to produce sulfuric acid concentration is also high, silicon tetrafluoride steam partial pressure will be increased significantly, is advantageous to the silicon tetrafluoride lots of escape to the gas phase, thus to improve the rate of fluorine escape.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer through a large amount of data, improve the unit's calcium sulfate consumption, not only can improve the escape rate of fluorine in the process of production, and can improve the calcium conversion rate.

all in all, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers to be on the premise of not pollute the environment, improve the production efficiency, increase the economic benefits, should be carried out on the production technology for further improvement.

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