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Manufacturer of potash desulfurization process improvements - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-22

potash producer of potash desulfurization process is an absorption process, the two systems of gas recycling workshop after washing benzene into the desulfurization tower, the hydrogen sulfide and HCN in the gas is absorbed.

potash manufacturers in order to enhance the desulfurization effect, to ensure that the hydrogen sulfide content does not exceed the process requirements, to improve the desulfurization process.

first, potash, optimization of process operation, reduce the temperature of the desulfurization absorption, every other month will recoil a liquid heat exchanger, rich and poor is advantageous to the barren solution temperature is reduced, the rich fluid temperature, steam saving regeneration. Manufacturer of potassium carbonate in order to reduce the desulfurization absorption temperature, to enhance the effect of desulfurization.

then, potash producer to manage water quality, reduce the temperature of acid gas of the acid gas condensation cooler for maintenance, guarantee the effect of acid gas cooling, the optimization system, water quality guarantee is to condense the cooler can be efficient operation for a long period of time.

second, potash manufacturer timely update the vacuum pump working liquid, ensure that there is no impurity deposition on vacuum pump tube wall of the cooler.

in the end, on the basis of the original design, potash manufacturer for design optimization, reduce the acid gas in pipelines, solved the difficult problem of restricting regenerator vacuum degree.

potash producer to improve the desulfurization process, solves the process of a series of problems existing in the operation process, guarantee the absorption effect of desulfurization and regeneration effect, make the gas hydrogen sulphide stabilized after desulfurization.

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