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Manufacturer of potash on desulfurization process problems solution - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-05

potash is very important in the industrial production, currently on the market of potash has light potash and heavy potassium carbonate, potassium carbonate white powder or granule, more manufacturers in the production of potassium carbonate produces in the process of sulfur and potassium carbonate manufacturers therefore must carry on the desulphurization process.

potash manufacturer at the primary stage of production for desulphurization, the desulphurization process and equipment of more problems, more serious impact on the efficiency of desulfurization.

potash desulfurization process at the start of the manufacturer, the desulfurization liquid rapidly turning black, after the desulfurization liquid will become sauce black, can't for the determination of potassium ion, the serious influence production of desulfurization. Potash producer to qualitative analysis of the cause of the desulfurization liquid discoloration, ultimately determine the cause of the blood is red salt, potash producer to check and repair, regeneration tower and regeneration tower connected pipes in good condition, with soft water to clean, the color of the desulfurization liquid significantly improved.

after the start of the desulfurization process, vacuum pump often accumulate large amounts of black crystal, the crystal of vacuum pump cooler or export pipeline jam. Potassium carbonate manufacturers from the source to its governance, reduce the naphthalene content of coal gas, strictly control the temperature and the oil content. Potassium carbonate manufacturers add two mixture slots, three mixture spraying pump and spraying process piping and nozzle.

potash manufacturers to optimize the design of desulfurization process, after the regeneration tower of acid gas pipe and oven gas add acid gas pipe, bold after vacuum pump outlet pipe, make the equipment normal operation.

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