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Manufacturer of potassium nitrate products purification, potassium nitrate Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-05

potassium nitrate is colorless transparent prismatic or white granule or crystalline powder, has a great effect on industrial, detonation is tasted, belong to easy system state of potassium nitrate production and attaches great importance to the potassium nitrate manufacturers is to continuously improve the production of potassium nitrate.

according to the purity of potassium nitrate is different, can be divided into industrial grade, superior grade and the high purity potassium nitrate, at present, many manufacturers will be purified from the crude potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate and then become a high grade potassium nitrate.

manufacturers generally adopt the method of recrystallization, potassium nitrate crystallization is the solid solute from the solution analysis of separation methods, the so-called recrystallization is two kinds of different solubility with temperature change of soluble solid substance, can be made into hot saturated solution first and then for cooling crystallization method so as to achieve separation.

potassium nitrate manufacturers general separation of potassium nitrate by solvent evaporation and cooling hot saturated solution, the two call crystallization separation method, solvent evaporation method is suitable for the solid solution of solubility with temperature change is not big, cooling hot saturated solution method is suitable for the solution of solubility with temperature changes greatly.

manufacturer to purification of raw potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate and then produce the high quality of potassium nitrate, to meet the needs of downstream enterprise special product, in essence can completely satisfy, potassium nitrate manufacturers also to enterprise's production technology and production equipment to update and improve, make the purification effect is more obvious.

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