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Manufacturer of sodium nitrate crystallization in the refining process control technology Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-08

sodium nitrate is mainly is extracted from the sodium nitrate, the current domestic some sodium nitrate manufacturers with the ordinary cooling crystallizer for coarse salt, sodium nitrate from uneven crystal size, after filtering, washing, its quality is not stable.

refined salt, sodium nitrate plant is in the high temperature, solid-liquid separation, discharge FeiYan, then adding liquid continuous crystallizer for cooling, can keep the precipitation of sodium nitrate. Generated sodium nitrate is fine crystal as the liquid flow in the mold form the inner loop, and it can grow up continuously in the crystalline region, as crystal grew up to stir cannot ascend form a loop, and settling to the bottom of the mould, is refined sodium nitrate products.

under the condition of fine workmanship, sodium nitrate factory tested many times, the particle is bulky, uniform of the sodium nitrate products, sieve analysis was carried out on the product, its quality completely accords with the standard of classy article.

sodium nitrate manufacturers use this hot dissolving impurities in the separation of sodium nitrate process is effective and feasible, and used in the process of crystallization control mold, can significantly improve sodium nitrate crystallization morphology and size, the particle size is homogeneous.

due to the influence of sodium nitrate quality process itself should have some changes, but for the same sodium nitrate manufacturers, its source is fixed, heat to dissolve impurity separation process does not need to be adjusted too much.

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