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- manufacturer of sodium nitrate for wastewater treatment Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-13

industrial above for wastewater treatment has been a major manufacturer focus on topics, the manufacturer of sodium nitrate is how to deal with waste water, we can learn about the next.

sodium nitrate three-way falling film evaporation device for the manufacturer to concentrated sodium nitrate wastewater for enrichment. Sodium nitrate manufacturers producing sodium nitrate wastewater contains a large amount of sodium nitrate, after product these wastewater after middle trough mixed into a falling film evaporator, a falling film evaporator using steam as heat source, the secondary steam heat source can be used as the second effect falling-film evaporator, the effect produced by the falling film evaporator secondary steam heat source as a three-way falling film evaporator. After three times get concentrated sodium nitrate crystallization liquid join centrifuge separation, can produce solid and liquid sodium nitrate, back into the middle slot. The whole process does not decompose sodium nitrate, so can be triple effect evaporation concentration.

sodium nitrate manufacturers to deal with waste water in the process of the whole non-condensable gas, is produced by the water vapor, can direct emptying, two and three effect evaporation condensation water after collection can be used as industrial water, the process safety and environmental protection.

sodium nitrate three-way falling film evaporation device for the manufacturer to deal with industrial waste water, the cost of this device is not too high, for sodium nitrate manufacturers, this is an economical and practical method.

believe there are other ways of sodium nitrate manufacturers for waste water treatment, sodium nitrate manufacturers are also spare no efforts to struggle, a vast prospect.

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