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Manufacturer of sodium nitrate with low temperature crystallization device - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-12

sodium nitrate in glass, enamel industry has a lot of purposes, most of our country with soda ash as raw material to produce sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate manufacturer has some sodium nitrate factory in borax as raw material, its main products are boric acid, the byproduct sodium nitrate, the sodium nitrate also can completely meet the needs of industrial production.

sodium nitrate manufacturers to study the crystallization device in the process of production, USES a low temperature crystallization device, including crystallization machine and flash tank, sodium nitrate factory in them to set up a heat exchanger, the mother liquor of crystallizer exports and heat exchanger inlet fluid inlet through the pipeline connection, fluid outlet of heat exchanger and the liquid into the mouth of flash tank to the connection, the flash tank steam condenser and the inlet connection, the liquid outlet of the condenser and cooling water heat exchanger of imported through the cooling water outlet pipe to connect and desalting water storage tanks.

this new type of low temperature crystallization device for sodium nitrate is the same manufacturer, gradually become the mainstream of crystallization device, sodium nitrate manufacturers using this device is greatly improve the output of sodium nitrate.

the low temperature crystallization device work stable and reliable, and convenient to use, and sodium nitrate mother liquor is flashing at low temperatures, without adding thinners to mother liquor, won't appear the phenomenon of expansion slot.

sodium nitrate of low temperature crystallization device for the manufacturer, the manufacturer has made great help to promote the efficiency of production, indirectly, stimulate the development of the market of sodium nitrate.

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