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- many varieties of aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production purposes Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-13

the world has developed more than three hundred kinds of variety of aluminum hydroxide, our country also has hundreds of varieties of aluminum hydroxide, its utility also has the very big disparity, many kinds of aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production directly promote the prosperity of the market of aluminium hydroxide.

aluminum hydroxide is a kind of ideal plastic and organic polymer flame retardant filling material, because the physical and chemical properties of aluminum hydroxide, lead to aluminum hydroxide with filling, flame retardant and smoke suppression of three functions. Manufacturers based on the decomposition of aluminium hydroxide aluminum hydroxide of absorption of heat, will be modified aluminum hydroxide production, into the flame retardants used, can improve the insulation of the material properties, application in the cable is particularly important.

aluminum hydroxide can also be used in carpet industry, is one of the raw materials of adhesive, by using the properties of aluminum hydroxide, also it can be used as the filling material of artificial marble and artificial agate, can let the synthetic products have translucent light see degrees, and can produce different colors and patterns of synthetic products.

many varieties of aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide manufacturers except in industrial applications, and some varieties of aluminum hydroxide can be used in pharmaceutical grade, there are some special stomach medicine composition containing aluminum hydroxide.

aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production is a kind of mass flow, in the chemical industry, is also high to the requirement of aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide is a lot of important raw material in chemical industry.

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