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Measures for fire and explosion prevention treatment - barium carbonate plant Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-20

barium carbonate in the process of production there will be a lot of danger happening, barium carbonate manufacturers will be aimed at these dangerous situations for prevention measures, such as barium carbonate for fire and explosion prevention measures taken by the manufacturer is the necessary means to prevent the accident.

first, barium carbonate manufacturers in the design and construction, should be strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant specification standard to set safety protection measures, for the risk of inflammable, explosive materials equipment should be set pressure relief devices, including the safety valve, relief valve and pressure control valve, etc. , once they appear the overpressure phenomenon, just put the dangerous material discharge to a safe place.

then, barium carbonate manufacturers regularly for tube and sealing device for inspection of all the equipment and maintenance, to prevent the occurrence of leaking pipe and equipment, to ensure that the pressure pipes and containers in good condition, prevent overpressure, pipe blockage caused by explosion accidents, should also eliminate the ignition source, put an end to the generation of electric spark.

at the same time, barium carbonate manufacturers should also be timely check the steam system equipment and piping, preventing the leak, timely correction of pressure gauge, prevent lead to inaccurate instructions and safety accessories failure appeared deviation.

barium carbonate products with acute toxicity, barium carbonate manufacturers in the production process to strictly follow the production process, to prevent an accident.

measures for fire and explosion prevention of barium carbonate plant need further improvement, will eliminate all risk factors, to the stable development.

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