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Measures taken - fluorine sodium silicate products to prevent caking Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-18

fluorine sodium silicate, also known as six fluorine sodium silicate, white granule or crystalline powder, it is easy to agglomerate, so sodium fluosilicate manufacturer is how to prevent fluorine sodium silicate agglomerate, and what measures are taken in production?

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers through the years of production practice, summarizes several measures to prevent fluorine sodium silicate caked.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer that first to control the quality of the fluosilicate, prolonged standing of fluosilicate, make less fluosilicate containing or not containing silica gel, and regular cleaning fluosilicic acid storage tank in the silica gel, as far as possible to reduce impurities from entering the product opportunities; Second, optimizing the reactive crystallization process, control the size of the product, for fluorine sodium silicate factory, that further studies are needed, for technology, optimize the more appropriate, the easier it is to control the product particle size; Next, is to optimize the drying process and reduce packaging temperature and moisture content, sodium fluosilicate manufacturers think it is very important, after all, sodium fluosilicate dominate the moisture from the agglomeration factor in the process of drying, according to the nature of the product can be divided into acc, constant speed and falling rate drying; Then, sodium fluosilicate manufacturer with lower height pattern, and control measures to prevent mechanical pressure sodium fluosilicate agglomerate, manufacturer production early, due to space constraints, the bottom of the agglomeration is more noticeable, so to control the height of the pile; Finally, surface active agent is added in the production of sodium fluosilicate manufacturer, effectively prevent the fluorine sodium silicate agglomerate.

sodium fluosilicate agglomerate adopted a series of measures to prevent products manufacturer, in economic and technology above all want to be sure. Shanghai appropriate xin chemical co. , LTD. , is looking forward to cooperating with you!

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