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Measures to improve the efficiency of the product - fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-12

sodium fluorosilicate is one of the largest fluorosilicate dosage of buildings, building materials varieties, and fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer also has been improved production technology, take various measures to improve the production efficiency of fluorine sodium silicate.

sodium fluosilicate crystal manufacturer change loading coefficient, fluorine sodium silicate factory, the study found change charging coefficient will have little impact on the yield of fluorosilicate, but greatly reduced the content of sodium chloride with the concentration of fluorine sodium silicate product, at the moment of data can fully guarantee the precipitation of sodium fluorosilicate.

at the same time, the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer to improve the way of washing, increase the number of washing products, reduce water consumption, amount of hydrogen chloride in washing liquid will be declined.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer after the addition of salt solution speed for quantitative analysis of known, speed and yield of sodium fluorosilicate salt normal distribution, therefore, fluorine sodium silicate factory to control salt rate.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers to ensure the purity of add salt as well as the settling time is enough, these will directly affect the yield of sodium fluorosilicate. Fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer after these measures, the yield of sodium fluosilicate has been effectively improved.

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