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Nanometer aluminum hydroxide of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer production of the effect of dispersant - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-25

in the process of production of nano aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer be difficult to control the particle size of nano ATH, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer on the depth of the study found that in the process of the reaction is not the greatest influence on granularity crystal growth process itself, but the irreversible agglomeration - Cement - Reunification process, so in the process of aluminum hydroxide manufacturers in the production of nanometer aluminum hydroxide, add dispersants affect viscosity, achieve reunification process, to the preparation of aluminium hydroxide.

usually, in the modification and application of ultra-fine powder, dispersant is widely used to reduce the slurry viscosity, stability of suspension. Aluminum hydroxide adding dispersant, manufacturers in the production of the main reaction in carbon points used in dispersing agent, slurry viscosity reduction, improved quality, improve the yield. Dispersant for nano particles together, and investigates the influence of particle size and morphology.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer studies have found that under the same process conditions, carbon points of dispersant ATH powder dispersion is good, the second particle size in 0. 25μ M or so. Compared with no dispersant, the main reason for the difference is due to the dispersants adsorption function space steric hindrance around ATH, prevent aggregation and the bonding between particles, significantly reduced the rate of the secondary particles formation, electrostatic repulsion increases at the same time, improve the dispersion.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers add dispersant, greatly improved the yield of carbon points, for the whole production process, saved a lot of time and resources. More aluminum hydroxide problem, please contact the appropriate Shanghai xin chemical co. , LTD. , we look forward to working with you hand in hand.

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