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Need we how to store water disposal reagents

by:Yixin     2020-04-13
We know some of the commonly used water treatment agents due to the forms, so for the save method is also different, in order to be able to keep different forms of water treatment agent we change how to do, do you know the following. 1, water treatment agent is stored in a dry place, in order to prevent the water to react. 2, carries on the sorting storage, that is, the effect of different and different types of water treatment reagents in a different place, avoid confusion, the future is easy to use. 3, because the drug is rich in organic matter, so stay away from fire, prevent reaction. These are to be carried out in water treatment agents have to pay attention to some matters needing attention, when stored in deposited on time can be deposited, with reference to the above requirements to avoid problems. For now there are many kinds of water treatment agents, but through classified according to certain classification standard, the main can be divided into the following four, let water treatment reagent manufacturers to tell it what is the classification of the four types of standard. 1, sewage treatment agent. Use is mainly used in sewage treatment, often used for industrial wastewater or sewage treatment. 2, industrial circulating water treatment agent. Has often been used in industrial water treatment. 3, the oil-water separating agent. Commonly used water treatment agents are: the scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, algae fungicidal, cleaning agents, sticky mud stripping agent, flocculant, coagulant, dispersing agent, such as water treatment agent, sodium hexametaphosphate is also a kind of water treatment. 4, the green water treatment agent. Green water treatment agent is mainly refers to the natural cures that category
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