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New Opportunities For Agricultural Grade Potassium Nitrate


The production potassium nitrate in China has a long history, but at present potassium nitrate is mainly used in the industrial field, the agricultural potassium nitrate has not been widely used.

With the gradual expansion of China's potassium nitrate market and the continuous optimization of production technology, in recent years, China's potassium nitrate production has been greatly improved, and gradually in the agricultural use has been recognized.

In the past two years, China's market is depressed by international influence, some potassium nitrate manufacturers take a pessimistic attitude towards the market, and even there is a disorderly competition, so for potassium nitrate manufacturers, good at adjusting strategy, in order to stand firm in the industry, to meet the opportunity of potassium nitrate market.

As a high-end fertilizer, potassium nitrate plays an important role in agriculture. Potassium nitrate is chlorine-free potassium and nitrogen compound fertilizer, the total content of plant nutrient elements nitrogen and potassium can reach about 60%, with good physical and chemical properties. Potassium nitrate is non-volatile and can act directly on the soil surface without covering it. Moreover, potassium nitrate is widely used in water soluble fertilizer because of its total solubility.

The production of agricultural potassium nitrate is very easy to be limited by the production cost, potassium nitrate manufacturers production cost is mainly affected by the production cost of potassium chloride, if the price of agricultural potassium nitrate is too high, it will be difficult to be accepted.

Potassium nitrate manufacturers are seeking their own way of survival, to deal with the changeable market environment, the market has changed, potassium nitrate manufacturers will have opportunities, agricultural potassium nitrate ushered in the new market.


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