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Note: add borax in food powder, illegal - Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-22

borax powder, sodium borate, is a kind of white or colorless powder, toxicity is very high, belongs to the consumption of raw material, add borax in food illegal.

'food health law in our country and the measures for the administration of the food additives, health made clear that prohibited to use borax as food additives. According to 'criminal law' the one hundred and forty-fourth regulation, in the production and sales of food mixed with toxic or harmful non-food raw materials, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention, and with more than fifty percent of the sales amount 2 times.

the following penalties; Cause serious food poisoning or other serious food-borne diseases, causing serious harm to human body health, shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not more than five years but not more than ten years, and fined between two times the sales amount is more than fifty percent.

recently, online fact, there are always some unethical dealers in order to make food taste better, then add borax in food, such behaviour has violated the criminal law, criminal responsibility is negative correlation. Some merchants explained as, unclear borax as toxic substances, in such a developed day of information, this explanation is pale, eventually the merchants or a sentence and fine.

as consumers, best buy food to normal supermarket to buy, look carefully before you buy, knew the component content. For borax powder, we are going to have a clear understanding, want to learn more, the appropriate consulting Shanghai xin chemical industry!

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